ACTION: I immerse myself in the silence of the garden of an old family home, which has kept our secrets for ages. Once upon a time this was the playground of two little girls, who have been separated by a horrible tragedy. I try to hear their voices calling out their names and I enter into dialogue with all the objects lost in the garden, as they themselves should tell me a story. Time is breathing around me. I imagine to be Aureliano Babilonia, the last survivor of the lineage of “Cien anos de Soledad”, who wanders lonely thorough the house deciphering scrolls before the wind of eternity will sweeps everything away forever.
All the objects in there, silent witnesses of joys and sorrows, are now overwhelmed by nature and mysteriously scratched by the passage of decades. I pass through the states of matter and form as if memory was to pass through all the archaeological eras of family relationships. I find myself in a suspended dimension of time, which slowly reveals many layers of the complexity of time. I dive to an ocean floor to bring to light ancient relics that speak of the fate a family. It is as if the world had built a shell, a mineral armor to protect itself from a sudden vacuum, from an ancient tear, sewn by a mineral pearl. Time carves objects as we unknowingly are engraved by our genealogy.

                                                             Familia y figura