ACTION: I spend 5-6 hours a day, usually in the morning, crossing empty spaces  driving my car or walking for long distances. I stop in front of every scenario that makes an echo with something inside of me.
To me these places are “Archetype of Space” and I take note of their existence with my camera. Each of them holds a secret and invites to transition, somewhere else, somewhere deeper. It’s like approaching a border that, once crossed, suddenly transform into a new one.  Following this rhythm every image reinvents itself in the next one. A nomadic quest, a personal journey inward and outward where introversion and extroversion overlap. The time to answer to this question always belongs to the nowness.
Read, therefore, my invention as pure vibration with no meaning beyond each whistling syllable, read this: “With the passing of the centuries I lost the secret of Egypt, when I moved in longitudes, latitudes, and altitudes with the energetic action of electrons, protons, and neutrons, under the spell of  the word and its shadow" what I wrote you here is an electronic drawing without past or future: it is simply now.
Clarice Lispector  Agua Viva



Tierra y figura


How soon is now