"But then what can I do?"
"The curious."
"It's not a profession."
"It's not a profession yet. Travel, write, translate, learn to live anywhere, and start right away. The future is for the curious by profession".

My name is Aghi and I am a visual artist, mainly using photography. I graduated at the Italian Institute of Photography in Milan and completed my studies at the Metropolitan Film School in London in filmmaking and direction of photography. The focus of my research has always been the relationship between spatiality, memory and depth psychology. This dimension is investigated by interpenetrating landscape photography, portraiture and street photography, questioning how bodies inhabit spaces. In the last years I developed new investigations on the same dynamics by turning the attention also to how communities could also inhabit metaphorical spaces, such as the figurative space of history. With this in mind, I am involved in long-term projects that reconstruct the life of communities in Mozambique, through a trilogy of projects called "Trilogy of the Mozambican Unconscious".

At the same time, I organise experiential workshops with photography in the most diverse places, from the Psychoanalytic University in Berlin to the Juvenile Penitentiary Institution in Boane (Mozambique). I believe in the power of photography to enhance aesthetic and poetic experiences that can promote personal and social changes.

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