"But then what can I do?"
"The curious."
"It's not a profession."
"It's not a profession yet. Travel, write, translate, learn to live anywhere, and start right away. The future is for the curious by profession".
                                                                                                                                                                            from the movie Jules et Jim - François Truffaut

My name is Aghi, 35 years old and I am a visual artist who mainly using photography. Currently I travel the world developing projects which explore the links between photography, poetry and psychology.
A story to tell always consists of two adventures: the adventure of "being" there, and the adventure of discovering how this story is forcing the parameters of your outer and inner lens.
I don't like to consider art as a "dead body", something self-referenced and circumscribed, I wish art to be a "living body" leading me to interact with as many actors as possible both while performing and during the phase of elaboration. I conceive photography as an incredible tool able to enquire on reality with a poetic look and to dialogue with other disciplines in order to build together the polytheia of the future
We live in a world too prosaic and too little poetic.
I currently live between all the places where I work, Berlin, that is a good place to rest and edit my pictures, and obviously Italy, where my heart is and where I got to know beauty for the first time.

By the side of my projects I also do documentation work on request. Feel free to ask information about.