ACTION: I move around to different places for several hours a day, mainly walking, trying to recover from a loss, looking for answers. Everyday I keep on going until I come across a sign inscribed in an image, a symbol or even directly written on a wall. Once I find it I know it is time to go back home. “La tua assenza” is a notebook of these answers. During this quest I wonder about the meaning of absence. I discover that its color is white:

a big,




substance following us in every moment.

Every place where absence manifest itself is a temple,

a sacred space,

scary and sugary

at the same time.




Space can be conceived as a great psyche in which to wander, moved by an eternal question: is the psyche inside us or are we in the psyche? My answer consists in abandoning myself to a situationist dérive, where there is no distinction between the inner and outer landscape. I call these photographic series Dérives. In these practice the psychogeographic exploration of space merges with elements of a more private storytelling. The primary action, however, is to wander, to train one's perception and awareness of one's  body through spaces with a work of soulmaking The rules of the game are: get lost physically and mentally in the space, leave behind any intellectual masturbation, accept the invitation to walk through the mirror, be open to unexpected encounters, indulge to nomadic wander, strongly believe in synchronicity and metaphors. I hope that these projects can contribute to a new depth psychology, capable of searching for depth outside of man, in the objects of the world. In this case photography is poetry and not prose, uses reality and goes beyond it: every project a performance happening in the space.