This work constitutes a further attempt to explore the same performance again visiting a crowded place with flash. Southern hemisphere: Mozambique, Costa du sol beach, surroundings of Maputo. If in Gran Canaria people react with apathy and think what is happening is impossible,Here people react differently, everything turns into one long, big game.

ACTION: I walk toward the beach of Costa du Sol. At the beginning the human figures are sparse silhouettes moving alone, and then suddenly I get to the point where the confusão begins. I turn on the flash on my camera. The confusão, an almost metaphysical concept, is a great mass of people crowding along the beach, drinking, eating, and partying. This is the story of how the seixta feira get started, when the inhabitants of Maputo inaugurate the weekend in a sensual explosion of bodies, dance, roast chicken and music.‍